Why Swimming Lessons are Important

Life is a jungle where only the fittest survive. Our ability to develop the right survival skills as humans makes us stand out from the crowd and gives us a better chance at survival when the worst happens.

Forget about the adrenaline rush; if you fail to learn the right skills to survive in times of need, you may end up as prey or suffer a terrible fate in the hands of death and its grim agents (now that’s scary).

Developing excellent swimming skills for individuals who live in flood-prone areas like the City of Mississauga in Ontario is a necessity. In 2018, a handful of residents living near Old Derry Road in Mississauga experienced a flood when the Credit River over flooded its banks.

Although there was little or no casualty recorded during the flood, the residents were warned to steer clear of the river banks, and there is a high probability of the flood waters revisiting soon.

The rise in the water level was caused by rapidly melting snow combined with heavy downpours which rendered most of the inhabitants homeless for some hours… And you call yourself one of the best cities in Ontario? Shame on you Mississauga!

Enrolling for private swimming lessons is one of the best ways to learn how to swim like a professional and increase your chances of survival with or without the intervention of the Canadian Red Cross.

Having seen the need to acquire life-saving skills in preparation for the day of watery trouble, this article will be focused on enlightening you on the benefits or importance of swimming lessons for adults and children alike who live in the Mississauga area.

Benefits of Swimming Lessons in Mississauga

  1. Improves the body’s Health and Fitness

Learning how to swim is more or less an exercise than a life-saving activity. When you do it for fun, it assists you in living a healthy life. It is one of the best practices that engage every muscle of the body without putting too much stress on the bones and joints. This eliminates the likelihoods of experiencing pains in the joints as is common with other exercises. It serves as one of the best avenues to burn-off energy or excess calories. The swimming pool is a relatively safe environment and the availability of trained lifeguards always come in handy to assist you on how to engage your bodies muscles and swim like a pro. Swimming on a regular basis increases your ability to live a nice, long and healthy life.

  1. Development of Social Skills

Man is a social being, and as adults, we need to communicate with others to broaden our horizon and have a clearer view of the world. Swimming in small to large classes gives you the chance to meet and interact with other members of the society and also to share ideas with people of like minds. This gives you a life outside your regular circle and serves as a recreational activity. Just consider the swimming pool as another recreation centre where you meet and interact with new friends and have fun in a different environment. Remember, life is too short to spend your whole days in isolation or working from dawn to dusk. Dust your swimsuit off and hit the nearest swimming pool in Mississauga as soon as you can.

  1. Safety precaution

Do you know that from 2005-2014, about 3536 cases of fatal unintentional drowning were recorded in the US annually? That’s an average of ten deaths per day. These deaths occurred because the people could not swim their way to safety. In addition, about 332 people died each year (from 2005-2014) from drowning in boat-related incidents. Learning how to swim is a vital skill for survival most especially in regions around water like our fair Mississauga, Oakville, and Toronto.. There are many instances which may bring us around dangerous waters that may require swimming as a survival skill. Attending swimming classes helps us to build our strength and endurance thus increasing our chances of survival as the worst may one day happen. You can also teach your kids how to swim like a pro or have them take swimming lessons from Aim Above Swim School. Just imagine swimming as your only lifeline in flood cases.

  1. It is a Life Skill

Swimming is one of the best skills that will bring us a lifetime of enjoyable and long-lasting experiences. As a good swimmer, there are varieties of activities you could try out. These activities range from boat trips to lazy and relaxing pool days, beaches and a lot of water sports. The list is just endless. The experiences mentioned above, require the ability to swim effectively, so don’t count on your water-wings!

What You Need To Know Before Enrolling For Swimming Lessons

My friend, if you are interested in learning how to swim; here are a few things you should make note of.

  1. Don’t fear the water:

It is true that a good number of people experience aqua phobia and if you must become a successful swimmer, you will have to set your fear aside and face the water. It may not be easy, but the end result is worth the sacrifice. Remember, you can do hard things.

  1. It takes time and energy

While most people will tell you to enrol for private swimming lessons in Mississauga and you are good to go, you need to understand that it takes time to master the art and act of swimming most especially if you are an adult. Be as patient as possible and be determined to acquire the skills no matter the obstacles you face. I’ll say it again, you can do hard things!

  1. It may cost you some money

Swimming lessons are not free. Consider the money spent and education, and an investment.


Now that you are familiar with the benefits of swimming and what you need to know before enrolling for Mississauga based private or group swimming lesson, we suggest you visit any instructor that is certified by Lifesaving society of Canada that seeks to teach adults the need to acquire the right survival skills.

Kindly contact us if you have any questions concerning swimming or any other lifesaving skills, we will love to hear from you. Our private swimming lessons are great too, btw.