Don’t Fear the Water / You Can Do This

I think swimming is a great skill that everyone should know how to do at some point in their life. It doesn’t have to be at an expert or competitive level but it can be at an amateur level where you can get into the water and know how to handle yourself and possibly learn some different techniques.

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Not everyone had the experience of growing up around a pool or near a large body of water so some people may not know how to swim at all. So it is a good skill to learn later in life and you may never know when it can become handy to you.

There are many ways for you to learn this.

The options can be completely up to you, depending on your comfort level and the available swimmer-friendly resources. You could have a friend who knows how to swim show you some things or if you want to get formal lessons, you can choose a teacher that offers swim lessons so you can learn from the basics to the advanced.

(I highly recommend swimming lessons for adults in Mississauga, if you’ve never been taught officially and are still struggling in the water).

Don’t be shy about it, many people do not know how to swim. It may seem odd to some adults to want to learn at their older age but it is perfectly normal.

Searching for Adult Swimming Lessons (Mississauga Area)

There are many ways you can seek-out lessons as you can get them in a group where some people may feel comfortable or on a one-on-one basis. Depending on how serious you are, you can get specialized lessons or totally private lessons.

Mississauga has plenty of recreation centres and pools available for use for just this purpose. If you need help finding someone, leave a comment below!

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Sometimes you can combine the ideas and just go ahead and make your lesson into a group activity. This may just help you to feel comfortable and relax and learn better with your friends or family.

Thinking about it, if you are interested in learning you should just “dive in”; pun intended! Set goals and start learning some of the movements such as the backstroke, breaststroke or doggy paddle.

If you are any good, then you may just end up saving someone’s life in the future.

Be Comfortable with your Instructor

When you have made up your mind to do this, it would be wise to consider a couple things… You will adapt to your lessons quicker and easier when you’re comfortable and confident. So it is wise for the learner to choose the instructors they feel most at ease with.

Let’s look at a few things you will want to consider when you are looking for an instructor to teach you how to swim:

Choosing an instructor

Choose an instructor that knows what they are doing. While someone may know how to swim, it would be nice to have someone who possibly has certification. This would mean that they could show you procedures such as CPR or First aid training.

This is something useful to know when you plan to swim and be around water in the future. Ideal certifications for your swimming instructor to hold are: Red Cross of Canada, and the Lifesaving Society. These two combined entities will be a sure sign of a competent and successful instructor.


It would be useful to choose an instructor that has some years of swimming under their belt. This will enable them to show you the basics and introduce you to any advanced techniques that you need to know.

Specific needs

It is very important that you choose someone to teach you that can meet your needs. To be more specific, you will want to get someone who has some experience teaching your age group and your skill level.

The beauty of Aim Above Swim School, is that they have experience teaching people of all ages all over Mississauga. They’ve got you covered in this regard!

You will want them to be patient with you and guide you through the stages and help you to go at your own pace.

It’s Normal. Don’t Fight it.

You do not have to feel weird that you want to learn to swim in your adult years.

It is just that you did not get the opportunity to take lessons when you were younger or perhaps you had a bad experience. This could possibly have prevented you from moving forward due to fear.

As an adult, there could be a number of reasons that prevented you from learning and now motivating you to get started. Whatever it is, you should be proud that you have made the decision to learn how to swim as an adult.

How long does it take to learn?

Different people will progress at different rates and it is not one size fits all. Give yourself enough time to learn and progress as much as you need. Once you establish a comfort level then you will start to improve and get better.


Since you are older, don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun while you’re learning and it will make the process easier. Also, don’t let anyone judge you or let you feel bad for learning.

There is a rule that you are never too old to learn anything. So go out, have fun, dive in, it’s okay! There’s plenty of adults in Mississauga who also need to learn how to swim. You are not alone!

Contact Aim Above Swim School and book a lesson at a local pool near you (or your own pool!)